How to Find Reliable Plastic Storage Box Supplier in Malaysia

The plastic box is a storage material that is the most cost-effective and versatile. Plastic box packaging is relied on for the packaging of different product types in different industries. A plastic box is required in sectors such as personal care, consumer electronics, food and beverages, household care, apparel, etc. Plastic box packaging is used in the aforementioned sectors because they provide satisfactory protection to the products packaged. Apart from plastic packaging box protecting its packaged content from possible abrasions and damage while being transported, it also provides protection against harmful weather elements.

Because of the importance of plastic box packaging, including here in Malaysia, it is important that you strive to find and choose only a reliable supplier. Consequently, here are some of the top tips that can help you find a reliable and reputable plastic packaging box supplier in Malaysia.

Verify the Credentials of the Plastic Box Packaging Company

This is one step which is essential if you want to find a reliable supplier of plastic packaging box in Malaysia. Understand that in Malaysia, there are many suppliers of plastic boxes. The only way you can be able to choose the best supplier out of the many options is by trying to narrow down the options.

Due diligence is required when you are to assess a supplier of a plastic box. There are different aspects of the supplier which you should assess such as the manufacturing capabilities, experience, human resources quality, previous projects, manufacturing infrastructure, etc. You can even ask for details of previous clients and confirm with them about their experience in dealing with the company.

Ensure That the Required Plastic Polymer Is Supplied

Plastic packaging boxes are usually made from different plastics types. Different plastic polymers have different properties and applications/uses in the industry of packaging. For that reason, before you choose a plastic box supplier in Malaysia, ensure that a plastic polymer that you specifically require is available. You should have and share with your supplier your particular requirements of your plastic packaging box. You may require a plastic box that is durable, UV-resistant, etc.

Minimum Order Size for your Plastic Box Packaging Needs

Considerable upfront investment is required for the purpose of sourcing the machinery, designing, and even testing the products during manufacture.

It is only if the production of plastic boxes is done in bulk that makes it possible to make good use of tangible economies of scale. However, you may only need a relatively small quantity of plastic packaging boxes. Also, note that when your order bulk production of plastic boxes when there is no need, you will incur unnecessary expenses.

Confirm whether a supplier has a reasonable minimum order quantity or a minimum order quantity that is very high and choose the option best for you.

Factory Size of the Plastic Box Packaging Company

This is also an important factor that must be considered to find the best supplier of plastic boxes in Malaysia. Most customers often prefer large-sized plastic box suppliers because of their capabilities and better manufacturing infrastructure. Moreover, often such companies are also more technologically superior and competent compared with smaller plastic box manufacturers.

However, choosing a large-sized supplier may not always mean that the supplier is reliable. Small-sized supplier is preferred if you do not need a plastic box in bulk since you may be provided with customized service and greater priority. What is more, the service of a large supplier of a plastic box may be costly and hence difficult for small clients to afford.

Face-To-Face Meetings

Once you have collected as much relevant information as possible about different suppliers online, the next step is for you to request a face to face meeting. You will use such a meeting to verify any of the information gathered about the supplier. Such a meeting will enable you to decide if a supplier is the right one for you or not.


When meeting with the supplier, you should ask for information about previous works. Check to see if the quality of the previous work of the supplier matches your requirements. You can even ask the supplier to show you previous works done for other clients who had the same needs as yours.

Production Capabilities

You should spend a lot of time in checking and analyzing if the production capabilities and infrastructure of a supplier are able to deliver the ordered quantities and within the set timeline. Apart from ensuring that the supplier has the latest manufacturing technologies and equipment, also ensure that the workforce is highly trained and skilled to guarantee delivery of production targets and defect-free products.

In conclusion, you can avoid the difficult and complex process involved in finding a reliable supplier of plastic box packaging in Malaysia if you simply choose to use our service. As EasePACK Sdn Bhd, we have more than 20 years of experience and as a consequence, our plastic boxes demonstrate our precision, experience, and skill. We also accept a large number of plastic box orders and we can customize your container according to different designs, sizes, and needs.

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