How to Select the Best Plastic Box Packaging Design for Your Product

We all love differentiation, and that's no different when it comes to deciding the perfect, most creative plastic box packaging design for your brand new product to be launched. However, many fail to notice that there are considerations to go through, before, and during the selection of your desired plastic box packaging design. Here, we dissect some of the most crucial to think about.

Product packaging is more than just a practical tool that wraps around to protect your product. Yes, but essentially it could be much more than that. Like any creative designs, a packaging should tell a story, in this case your brand story. This is your golden chanced to communicate with your customers, and potential customers to help understand what your company objectives are, and stories that lie beneath the products itself. Most importantly, these should greatly affect if you should buy the product or not.

Now, here are 3 questions to answer so that we can come to a conclusion:

What is Your Product?
This should be easy enough and simple to answer. This should be a direct answer to your dimensions and materials of your product. In most cases, we opt for a plastic box packaging when the product is fragile or delicate. Plastic box packaging allows for a secure protection over the product, in logistics handling.

Target Audience
Who is Your Target Audience?
Who are your target audience, you must determine a profile before deciding on your plastic box packaging design. Are these for men or women, or adults or children? Are these products geared towards a conservative kind, or the liberal minds? These should speak well to clusters with a budget in mind, or with high disposable income? Every of these design elements that goes into the final packaging box, will make direct communication to your target audience. Ultimately, you need to pick a design that speaks best to your targeted profile.

Where to Sell Products
Where are Your Products being sold?
This is also very important, simply you will have to think a step ahead to stand out from the swarms of competition. SO play it creative, design your plastic box packaging with sharp colours if you need to place it in supermarket and retails, or keep it relatively small and simple for logistic purposes if your main selling area is online.

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