Plastic Packaging in Malaysia

Whether it's needed as a food container or a box, the beauty of using plastic packaging is that it is recyclable. One could always use them again as opposed to buying another plastic container. Plastic packaging in Malaysia is a particularly growing industry. Our company EaSePACK happens to be one of the fast growing, having made it its mission to produce quality products. If you need plastic packaging in Malaysia then rest assured that you will find it with us. What are our products? Why should you conduct business with s? Keep reading to find out!


We are a dedicated plastic packaging company in Malaysia that is dedicated to keeping the customer's needs above everything else. Customer satisfaction is prioritized in respect to providing them with the highest quality plastic packages. Through competent and able management, this company has managed to steadily grow to becoming one of the best in the country. With over 20 years' experience, our reliability speaks for itself.

Our products.

Which are some the products one can get from us?

PO Corrugated board- its main features include being versatile, flexible, hygienic, water and chemical resistant, lightweight and durable. In addition to this, it also recyclable and comes in 2 grades; general and conductive. This board has no wrapping, is flat and corona treatment enhanced. It is used for flexography or silk screening. When it comes to advertising, it is the best cost effective option.

PP Corrugated end product- it has the features of the pp corrugated board and is made from the general grade. It is mostly used for general usage.

Customized container - these are plastic packaging tailored to the customer's needs and preferences. They come in different designs and sizes that are hard to come by anywhere else. Most often, these containers are partitioned to enhance maximum optimization. Logo printing is sometimes used as an identifying feature.

Multipurpose container - these are mostly food storage containers that can be used for both commercial and domestic uses. They come in various sizes and designs for our customers to pick from.

We guarantee our clients that out products are:-

Durable - they will last for long making them a worthy investment.

Recyclable - this is to promote environmental friendliness. All customers are encouraged to recycle their plastic packaging containers.

High quality- or no-reject and no-defect policy ensures that only the best products get to the market.

Our services.

Quality control - before any product is shipped to the clients, it goes through quality control to ensure that it satisfies the set standards. This prevents the supplying of substandard plastic packaging and ensures only the top quality products are sold.

Design - we aim to fill the gap crested by the major production of standard products. Some people enjoy having a products that is not only unique but also customized to their tastes and preferences. Our design service enables our clients to get product they not only need but also love.

Follow up - our aftersales services are top notch. Should you feel the need to order again from us, rest assured that your previous order specification is already stored in our database.

Recyclable features - in an effort to promote environmental conservation, we encourage all our customers to recycle their products.

Why us?

Why should you pick us for plastic packaging in Malaysia? Here are a couple of reasons why!

Various designs for you to pick from- your options are not just limited to one standard design.
Solid experience- having been around for about 20 years in the industry, we've managed to gain unshakeable experience.

Customer satisfaction - our customer needs are always prioritized to ensure that customer satisfaction is at peak.

Quality assured - we have a zero-reject and zero-defect policy that ensures out customer's only get the best plastic packaging products.

Quantity - we are always open to taking bulk orders.

Do you require plastic packaging in Malaysia?

EaSePaCk is exactly what you need! With quality plastic packaging and unshakeable experience, clients are guaranteed of only getting the best. There are various designs for you to pick from and customized plastic packaging is also allowed. We also encourage all our clients to reuse and recycle their products so as to educe environmentalss pollution. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for the best plastic packaging in Malaysia.