Plastic Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia

As Ease PACK Sdn Bhd, we have more than 20 years of experience as a plastic packaging supplier. We started as a small company and over the years, we have managed to evolve into what we are now; a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging materials that are of high-quality. We are the go-to company if you need a reliable and professional plastic packaging supplier in Malaysia.

What Do We Do


We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PP Corrugated Boards in Malaysia. We can produce the boards or sheets in different thickness and sizes to suit different applications. The numerous advantages of this plastic medium include lightweight, hygienic, versatile, tough, flexible, impact and scratch resistant, chemical and oil resistant, weather-resistant, 100% recyclable, and great for graphics and printing. Therefore, the end product is most definitely much more preferred compared with other conventional packaging and protection materials.

We provide PP Corrugated Board of two grades; general grade and conductive grade. General grade of PP Corrugated Board is used for the purpose of producing general usage end product while the end product resulted from conductive grade PP Corrugated Board is used for protecting electronic products that are highly sensitive to static charges.


As a professional plastic packaging manufacturer and supplier, we provide only high-grade PP corrugated plastic products. Our plastic packaging products are custom designed to suit the needs of our different clients. We help customers when it comes to packaging design. As a result, we guarantee an efficient production process, reduced reject rate, improved surface protection, and durable product at a relatively lower cost.

Our process technology for making plastic products, produced from high-grade PP corrugated board, is obtained from European Technology. Moreover, since the plastic products are non-toxic fibre free and water and chemical resistant, this makes them suitable for use by all industries including the food industry.

We have in-house facilities enabling us to manufacture layer pad, boxes, cover, partition, etc. You can also benefit from our product printing services for brand awareness and ownership creation.


We customize our plastic packaging through different types of material partitioning. This helps in achieving maximized protection and logistics optimization. The materials used for plastic box partition include PP corrugated sheet, vacuum foaming tray, EVA foam, PU foam, EPS foam, etc.

Our customized plastic containers vary in design and sizes. We can also incorporate logo printing on the plastic container as an identification feature.


Our moulded plastic container is used for storing important, sensitive parts. The packaging boxes are durable and can help you save space when not used. We also offer customized plastic partition which is important for reducing defective rates of parts, improving production efficiency, and yielding higher surface protection of parts.

Plastic Packaging Services We Offer

•  Manufacturing and supply of plastic packaging
•  Design of plastic packaging products
•  Encouraging recycling and reusing of packaging product
•  In-house quality control of our packaging products
•  Repeat orders welcomed as we can store your design specs for possible future use

Why Choose Us as Your Reliable Plastic Packaging Supplier

I.  We Are one of the Most Experienced Plastic Packaging Supplier in Malaysia

We have the confidence and experience needed to offer the best possible plastic box packaging for different customer needs. Throughout the process of design and manufacturing, we strive to demonstrate skill and precision.

II. We have a variety of Plastic Packaging Designs

We have technical expertise, appropriate tooling facilities, and an array of resources to guarantee that we are able to deliver the specific plastic packaging design required by each of our clients. We have plastic sheets of different designs and sizes to suit your particular requirement.

To avoid being rejected, our plastic packaging products are incorporated with divider systems and necessary protective function to safeguard your goods from potential damage during the process of handling and transportation.

III.  We Value Quality and Quantity

We take the quality of our plastic packaging products very seriously. For that reason, we are committed to zero-reject and zero-defect policy. Apart from guaranteeing high-quality plastic packaging products, we also accept orders of large amounts.

Our service is geared towards establishing and maintaining a great relationship with our suppliers and customers. Our service starts from design to the transportation of the end product.

In conclusion, we work with our clients to find the best possible acceptable solution for plastic packaging. We thus ensure that our service is efficient and cost-effective. Contact us today for your plastic packaging requirements.