Plastic Sheets in Malaysia

A plastic sheet is by definition is a continuous plastic material (usually thicker than .25mm) modified into sheets. As advancement, plastic sheets have been incorporated into packaging because of their diversity. Ranging from clear, functionally embossed, semi-transparent to opaque among others, plastic sheets are ideally easier for customization to suit specific packaging needs. The diversity of products calls for different styles and modes of plastic packaging with specified properties, which makes the use of plastic sheets a lot more crucial.

An overview

In Malaysia, because of her high production, customization of plastic sheets to suit individualism in packaging because of desired requirements is crucial. Through the use of European technology, high-quality PP corrugated board; a majority of the plastic sheet packs are produced in Malaysia. Based on her geography and climate, paper packaging has been a challenge. In rainy seasons as well as humid areas down the coast, storage and transportation is a challenge.

Materials used

Whether PP corrugated sheets, PU foam, EPS foam, EVA foam, and vacuum foaming tray as plastic sheet materials, the challenges to packaging are minimized. Ranging from electronic product packaging to food packaging, plastic sheets come in handy. In the production of customized and modeled packaging containers for electronics, static charges are a factor of consideration. Static charges destroy electronics safe packaging should be encompassed thereof.

Whether general or for electronic packaging, grades of the plastic material differs where one is a general grade and the other conductive. The conductive grade because of its carbon composition is used for electronic product packaging. The carbon in the plastic sheet conducts away the static charges developed on the surface of the container. For general packaging such as food, clothing etc. the general grade is used. Due to the high product brand competition in Malaysia, a plastic sheet such as the PP corrugated board is enhanced with treatment such as corona which is essential for silk screening, printing, and flexographic processes. This enhances the quality of advertisement through quality printing and calligraphy.

Advantages of plastic sheets

The use of plastic sheets is advantageous not only to enhance strength in partitioning, making handles and designing stackable corners but also when used to create diversity in making customized and modeled packaging containers are part. Outlined are some of its advantages under the latter auspices.


Through the use of plastic sheets in packaging, it has saved a lot of money for retailers who no longer have to continuously have to buy packaging products but they have to use them again after they have been used. It is convenient for retailers in that they do not have to buy other boxes.

Stack ability

During transportation of packaged products, it is often a challenge to firmly hold the packages together unless other sophisticated methods are used. However, with the onset of plastic sheets, this has been countered with the introduction of modified edges and corners that are modeled such that two or more containers can comfortably interlock on each other.

Diversity in customization

Ability to stack, easy molding, flexible partitioning, branding diversity, and other specializations are some of the enhanced production activities. Depending on the needs of the product being packaged, plastic sheets can be easily modified to suit those needs.

Mechanical protection

Scratching and scuffing of products that have been packaged is a common experience. However, with the use of plastic sheets which are conventionally set to a specified thickness, it is almost impossible for any impact to cut through. Plastic materials such as EPS foam, PU foam, EVA foam, PP corrugated sheet, vacuum foaming tray that is used to serve for this purpose.
Various design and sizes

It is easy to create designs for various products based on a brand's expectation. However much during processing of the packaging container is vital for the product, it is also a part for the producer. Marketing a product ideally depends on how quick it attracts its customers. Modifying the packaging container to suit this is easy through-because of their ease of molding-the use of plastic sheets.

Shielding from moisture

Because of the fact that some products are humidity sensitive, the packaging is quite crucial. Transportation factors are quite diverse, especially for such versatile products. For such, the use of plastic sheets is important. The use of wood and paper packaging has often failed and required very cautious measures for safe transportation of moisture sensitive products.